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Sora Condo: Singapore's Premier Residence Destination

Oct 27

Ever heard of the majestic Sora Condo, sitting pretty amidst Singapore's sprawling landscape? 

Sora Condo: A Peek Inside

History and Origins Nestled on Yuan Ching Road, Sora Condo is the epitome of luxury living in Singapore's Jurong Lake District. This architectural marvel replaces the former Park View Mansions, and believe me, it's a treat for the eyes.

Breath-taking Views Imagine waking up to a 2.3ha vista of Jurong Lake Gardens. And for some lucky residents? This isn't a vacation dream but everyday reality.

Getting Around Worried about commute? Fret not! Two MRT stations - Lakeside and Chinese Garden, are at arm's length. Drivers? You're in luck with major roadways like Boon Lay Way, AYE, and PIE paving the way to the city's hotspots.

Amenities and Features

Shopping and Dining Ever been spoilt for choice? Residents are just a hop, skip, and jump away from shopping heavens like Westgate, JEM, and Jurong Point Mall. And foodies, Taman Jurong Food Centre & Market is the place to satiate those local cravings.

Education Hub For the brainiacs in the family, an academic paradise awaits. Renowned institutions such as Lakeside Primary School, River Valley High School, and Nanyang Technological University envelop the region. A child's entire educational journey? Consider it sorted.

Leisure and Relaxation Fitness enthusiasts, lace up! Jurong Lake Gardens is the playground you've been yearning for. Whether it's a morning jog or just lounging, nature's lap is where you'd want to be.

The Future of Sora Condo

What Lies Ahead Got an eye on the horizon? The upcoming Science Centre and waterfront leisure spots by 2027 will make waves. And the MRT connectivity via Jurong Region Line & Cross Island Line? Let's just say 2030 looks bright.

Surrounding Development Projects Jurong Lake Gardens isn't just any garden; it's the nation's garden. Comprising Lakeside Garden, Chinese and Japanese Gardens, and Garden Promenade, it's where communities converge.

A Sound Investment Sora Condo isn't just a home; it's a treasure chest for discerning investors. With the impending developments, this is a gold mine in the making.

Surrounding Highlights

Jurong Lake Gardens Did you know it's touted as Singapore’s heartland national garden? A rendezvous spot for families, this is where memories are crafted.

Jurong Innovation District Dubbed as a manufacturing haven, this ecosystem houses everything from R&D centres to futuristic factories. Innovation? It's right at your doorstep.

Developers and Contributors

CEL DEVELOPMENT PTE LTD A subsidiary of the publicly-listed Chip Eng Seng Corporation Ltd, their global footprint spans from Singapore to Australia and Vietnam. Projects like Newton and Kopar at Newton? That's them.

SINGHAIYI GROUP Previously Haiyi Holdings Pte Ltd, this group has carved a niche in property development and investment. From USA to Malaysia, their real estate prowess is unmissable. And awards like the top ten developers in 2020? Just a feather in their cap.

KSH HOLDINGS LIMITED Birthed in 1979, KSH has evolved from construction to real estate magnates. Their knack for top-tier projects has garnered them accolades like the BCA Construction Excellence Award.

Conclusion If you're seeking luxury, connectivity, and a slice of the future, Sora Condo is your destination. A realm where urban meets nature, it's the promise of a life reimagined.


  • What is the Sora Condo? It's a residential development in Singapore's Jurong Lake District, offering luxury living with modern amenities.

  • Where is Sora Condo located? On Yuan Ching Road, replacing the former Park View Mansions.

  • How many units does Sora Condo offer? It houses 440 exclusive units.

  • What educational institutions are near Sora Condo? Institutions like Lakeside Primary School, River Valley High School, and Nanyang Technological University are nearby.

  • What lies ahead for Sora Condo? Developments like the new Science Centre, waterfront leisure spots, and MRT connectivity are in the pipeline.

  • Who are the developers behind Sora Condo? CEL DEVELOPMENT PTE LTD, SINGHAIYI GROUP, and KSH HOLDINGS LIMITED have contributed to the project.