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How Much Is a Wedding Car Hire in Swindon?

Feb 3

Depending on the location of your wedding, you may find that you need to rent a car for your wedding. The cost of this car can vary from place to place, so make sure you know exactly how much it will cost before you book. You may find that you need a large vehicle if you are planning a large wedding, or you may find that you will only need a small car to transport your guests. The cost will also vary if you will be having a ceremony and reception in the same location, so make sure you check all the prices before you book.


Whether you are planning to get married in Swindon, England, or somewhere else for that matter, the cost of wedding car hire in Swindon is something you have to take into account. The cost of hiring a fleet of cars for the big day is a small price to pay for a memorable event. Having a large car to transport your bridal party and all of your guests is a sure way to get everyone in the wedding party out of the house on time.

You can get the most out of your money by getting a package deal. Not only can you enjoy the comfort of having a chauffeur drive you around, but you can also take advantage of discounted accommodation rates at your chosen venue. Another perk is that your guests will get a chance to relax in the hotel's courtyard garden, which is the ideal place to get a few final photographs taken before the wedding breakfast is served.

Options available

Whether you are looking for a wedding car hire in Swindon or the surrounding area, you are sure to find something to suit your needs. In addition to being a practical means of transport, a wedding car can help you to make your day extra special. If you are looking to impress your friends and family, then you may want to consider a luxury car.

While most people will consider a BMW X1 or a Rolls Royce Phantom as the pinnacle of motoring, there are plenty of alternatives to be had for a fraction of the cost. You may want to consider the latest generation Volkswagen Beetles or VW campervans if you are looking for something a little more on the cheap side.

Aside from the usual suspects, there are also some interesting new entrants in the wedding car hire Swindon sphere. In particular, you will find the Rolls Royce Ghost to be a worthy contender. Not only is the Ghost a hulking, black machine with a sleek and sporty exterior, but it also provides smooth and responsive performance off-road as well.

Decorate to tie in with the theme of your wedding

Whether you're looking for a vintage car, a horse and cart, a Rolls Royce Ghost, or a luxury limousine, there's a wedding car to suit your budget and style. Wedding Cars Swindon is a family-run business that has over 36 years of experience in the sector. Its fleet features more than 30 beautiful and classic models.

It's important to find a wedding car that's perfect for your wedding day. You should consider your wedding colour scheme, the type of flowers you'll use, the number of guests, and the style of photography you're planning. You should also think about the dress, shoes, and accessories you'll need.

Wedding Cars Swindon has a large fleet of luxury cars for hire, including Rolls Royce chauffeur-driven cars, as well as classic wedding cars and limousines. Its chauffeurs wear smart uniforms and undergo intensive training.

Wedding Cars Swindon offers a range of package deals, including a chauffeur-driven service for up to three hours. For additional hours, the price may increase.


Located in the Swindon area, Wedding Cars Swindon offers a large and impressive fleet of wedding cars and limousines. They have a team with over 36 years of experience in the field, and offer a range of luxury wedding cars at affordable prices. They also provide excellent customer service. Their chauffeurs are trained to carry out their duties with a courteous, professional approach.

Their fleet features a variety of classic and modern wedding cars and limousines. You can choose from a range of popular models including a Lincoln stretched limo, a Beauford Tourer and a Rolls Royce Ghost. They also have a range of vintage wedding cars such as a Ford Model T. You can find more information on their vehicles by clicking on the images below.

STEAM offers a great choice of locations for your wedding ceremony and reception. Their location is in a beautiful Grade II railway building, and they are able to dress their cars to suit the wedding venue. They also offer a range of packages for weddings, including accommodation rates for your guests.


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