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The advantages of single-story designs

Jan 8

Single-storey designs have become more popular in recent years, as homeowners embrace the convenience and comfort of living on one level. Single-storey living offers a variety of advantages that make it an appealing option for many homebuyers. From enhanced security to increased energy efficiency and improved accessibility, there are numerous advantages to single-story designs that should be considered when looking to purchase or build a home.

Wider Appeal

Single-storey homes have been growing in popularity among a wide range of homebuyers. With their affordability, convenience, and modern designs, it's no surprise that single-storey homes are attracting more and more attention.

From young families to empty nesters, these properties are appealing to all ages due to their versatility and low maintenance requirements. Single-storey homes provide homeowners with the opportunity to save on energy costs while enjoying a spacious layout that captures plenty of natural light. Furthermore, many models feature high ceilings and open floor plans that create a sense of airiness throughout the house.

The benefits don't end there; smaller lots are often available which means buyers can save on land costs as well as construction costs compared to larger two-storey or multi-storey dwellings.

Strong Investments

Investing in single-storey homes is a great way to build wealth. Not only are these properties often more affordable than multi-storey homes, but they can also provide strong returns due to the potential for rental income and capital growth. Single-storey homes are also typically easier to maintain and have less costly upkeep bills associated with them.

Investors looking for reliable long-term investments should consider single-storey dwellings. These properties can offer significant monthly cash flows as well as an increase in value over time, which makes them attractive investment options. In addition, they often require less maintenance and repairs compared to larger or older houses, making them less expensive to keep up. Furthermore, single-storey homes tend to be located in desirable neighbourhoods that attract tenants who want good quality housing at an affordable price point - increasing the chances of high occupancy rates for landlords.

Easier to Maintain

Single-storey homes are becoming increasingly popular due to their ability to provide an easy and maintenance-free lifestyle. With no stairs or multiple levels, single storey homes offer a range of benefits that make them easier to maintain than multi-level properties.

The first advantage of single-storey homes is they are cheaper to build and run. They require less material and labor costs than two-story homes, making them more affordable for homeowners on tight budgets. Furthermore, with fewer places for dust or dirt to gather, cleaning and upkeep are simpler in a single-storey house. Additionally, as there are no stairs or higher levels to reach when carrying out repairs or painting walls, it makes the task much quicker for DIYers and contractors alike.

Better Use of Space

Single-storey homes are quickly becoming the new craze in home design. With their open-plan layout and efficient use of space, it’s no wonder why they’re increasingly popular among young homeowners. Whether you’re looking to downsize or just want a fresh start, single-storey homes can offer you the perfect solution.

The beauty of single-storey homes is that they make great use of available square meters, allowing for an abundance of natural light and creative storage solutions. Many designers are now focusing on incorporating modern amenities into small spaces without compromising style or comfort. From custom-made furniture to cleverly designed bookshelves, there's no limit to how much storage these modern abodes can provide.


Single-story designs offer a plethora of advantages. They can be more cost-efficient, eliminate the need for dangerous ladders and/or stairs, and reduce noise levels between floors. Moreover, they are often preferred by those with mobility challenges or families with young children who may not be ready to live in a multi-level home.

Single-story designs also allow for larger outdoor spaces which can be used for recreational purposes or simply enjoyed from indoors.