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Repair, Patch, Or Replace? Which one is best for My Roof?

Jul 16

Your roof will look after you if you take care of it. It safeguards your home and you. Weather is its main enemy and can cause damage through hail, rain and wind as well as the aftermath of that. When should you replace your roof? And when can you do a repair? It is recommended that you have your roof inspected by roofing contractors in my area every year to determine what condition it's in.

Beware of Signs to Watch for

A roofing contractor in Kansas City can get on your roof and figure out the exact steps you must accomplish. There are several signs you can watch for in addition. These are indicators to look out for if you've had severe weather.

The shingles are missing

  • Leaks

  • Shingles that have cracked edges or curling around edges

  • Algae and mold

  • Sagging roof

  • Sunlight or water passing through the roof

  • Rotting shingles

  • Colored shingles that have discoloration

  • Granules falling off or loose from the shingles

This can be caused by the weather or just wear and wear and. The damage can be caused to your roof by falling branches, or any other debris that is thrown up during storms. It could be because your roof is getting too old.

When to repair your Roof

The majority of storms will cause small number of damaged or missing shingles to be replaced. A fallen tree can cause them to get knocked off or even break. This problem could be limited to a single or two places.

You may be able get a small leak fixed. However, only if it's just one tiny leak. It is crucial to identify it quickly before it causes damage to the rest of the system.

Asphalt roofs can be easily repaired many times. It's inexpensive and easy to install. It doesn't last like other materials.


When to Replace

A wet sagging roof is almost always required to be replaced. Except for a small area, you want to make sure all the damaged and damp is eliminated.

Stone, slate, tile, and wood roofs are fantastic until they fail. If it's time for them to begin falling apart, chances are you should replace the entire roof. It's well worth the investment as slate roofs last for many years.


Metal roofing can last for an extended time and seldom require maintenance. It is best to replace them once they're damaged.


Asphalt roofs aren't costly. You may consider replacing them with a stronger material. While they're not expensive to set up they are likely to require you to continue doing it.

Get An Inspection

An annual check-up is among the most important things to do to your roof. It is the best method to get a complete understanding about the condition of your roof. Making quick repairs to the repairs means that there's less chance of needing to replace your roof.


Make an appointment for an inspection with commercial roofing companies Kansas City in the spring, to ensure that there was not any damage to the roof during winter. This way, you'll be prepared for the summer rain hitting the roof but not through it.


Storm Contracting is able to assist with anything from a roof repair to a new roof. We have been serving Kansas City and the surrounding area. Friendly and prompt service for a reasonable price.

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