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Jan 15

Bar stools and kitchen stools are not given the attention they deserve. They should be the centerpiece of your kitchen. Your kitchen stools will be even more prominent if you have an island. The look and feel of your kitchen can be affected by the choice of stools. Do you prefer a modern, contemporary look or something more relaxed and beachy? You don't have to settle for a standard stool. To bring everything together, the style of your kitchen stool should match the rest.

Keep these tips in mind when searching for barstools. A bar stool's height is approximately 60-75cm. You should leave between the counter and stool about 25-30cm. For comfortable sitting or standing, you need at least 20cm of space between each stool. Consider what material and style of stool you want to use in your kitchen.

Where do you start? As always, finding the right inspiration is key to choosing the right kitchen stool for you. We have compiled a list with a variety of stool styles to help you choose.

1. High-back leather stools in white leather

These stools look great in this white modern kitchen. The kitchen looks seamless with the matching leather high-back stool. It is easy to move metal legs.

2. Red high-back, swivel stools with red swivels

This red stool is another example of a modern, high-back design with a flair. Swivel design makes it easier to turn and fidget.

3. Four-legged, backless stools

A backless stool's best feature is the fact that it can be raised and still fit under your counter. These chic black or natural wood stools are simple but sophisticated.

4. Stools with backless in white and gold

These white chairs, which have a retro-gold metal four-legged design, are another great example of a backless stool.

5. Wooden stools with backs

These backless wooden stools look as stylish and simple as they come! These four-legged options can be placed under the counter with ease.

6. High-backed classic stools

These stools look amazing in this kitchen, thanks to their black metal legs. You can achieve a similar look by using wooden stools and contrasting metal stools.

7. Short metal stools

Although they may seem boring, backless metal stools can look very fashionable. A simple stool is a good option in this busy kitchen.

8. High-back, colorful stools

These colorful high-backs with swivels are the best option for anyone who loves a whimsical look.

9. High-backs in classic green

These timeless, hunter-green high backs make the perfect stools for your personal bar. Your friends will be impressed by your impeccable taste.

10. Wooden stools with low backs

Do you want a little more support for your stool? A low-back stool is an option that can be tucked away and can reduce back strain.

11. Modern white low-backs

Low-backs are an excellent choice if you need the support that backless stools don't offer. These modern options are perfect for contemporary or beach kitchens.

12. High-back velvet and gold high-backs

Velvet is the rich and beautiful fabric you should not be afraid to use in your kitchen.

13. Folding wooden stools

These wooden folding stools are unique and maybe a good choice if you have a large family or need to store them occasionally.

14. Stools in black and gold that are ultra-modern

The modern black and gold stools have arms that provide extra support while you sip your beverage. This is a great option for those who spend a lot of time at the kitchen counter and often have guests over.

15. Classic wooden high-backs

This type of bar stool might be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about a chair. These stools are timeless and classic. They can be found at almost all bars.

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