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How to Eat Chia Seeds for Weight Loss

Nov 29

Chia seeds are very tiny seeds. The seeds are used to reduce weight. They have properties that help to cut down weight. Some of the properties include low levels of cholesterol. They are also capable of lowering the cholesterol in the body. It has a property that helps to lower the ability of fats to be absorbed. The following are the ways in which you can eat the chia seeds to achieve the best weight that you want;

Pouring the Chia Seeds into the Detox Water

The chia seed can be prepared by combining it with water. Into the water also add some lemon and honey to make the water sweater. Leave the mixture to stand for a night in order for the seeds to soak well in water. Then drink the sweet water with the chia seeds to reduce your weight.

Sprinkling the Chia Seeds into the Potato

Normally the prepared potato is sliced and spices are added. Instead of the spices sprinkle some chia seeds into the prepared potatoes. The potato with the chia seeds is the best to be taken during breakfast.

Adding the Chia Seeds into the Sliced Fruits

Fruits such as apples taste sweeter when sliced and smeared with butternuts. You can alternatively use the chia seeds to smear onto the fruit and ensure that it is spread and take it. The fruit will taste better with crunchy taste of the chia seeds.

Mixing the Chia Seeds in an Apple Sauce

The chia seeds are taste free. When you have made your applesauce it is good to take it when it is unsweetened. The Chia seeds are tasteless and are very important for your health. By avoiding the sweetened sauce, you will be able to cut weight by adding chia seeds into your delicious sauce.

You can top it off the Fruit Salad

The chia seeds have fiber and healthy fats. This is good to be taken as breakfast. The Chia seeds can be sprinkled on the made salad to make it more nutritious. The fats in the seeds will replenish the lost energy during the day. The chia seeds are the best because they do not contain any sugar content they may lead to diabetes. It is good to adopt this kind of diet for your breakfast

Adding the Tiny Seeds to the Avocado Slices

Avocados are the best toasts. You can make your toast better by sprinkling some chia seeds on top of the avocado. Besides making your toast sweeter, you will be able to prevent fat accumulation in your body and thus healthy living.

Whip the Seeds in a sauce Jam

Jam usually contain too many sugars that may cause health issues. These health problems can be lowered without the need of doing away with the sweet foods. Simply whipping the seeds in the jam will make a very crunchy paste that is healthy. The jam is then used as a topic for bread or other whole grain foods.

Adding the Chia Seeds into Pudding

Once you have prepared your pudding well add some chia seeds in it and your pudding will be much healthy. The chia seeds can be added to all the foods to make it daily diets.

Add the Seeds to Homemade Bites

The homemade bites can be made from seeds, oats, chocolate, and nuts. The bites can be enhanced by adding the chia seeds to make it look more delicious and also offer better health benefits to the body. The bites will have a crunchy feeling when bitten. The bites can be made with any flavor when the chia seeds are added because the seeds will help in breaking down the unhealthy fatty foods.

Adding the Seeds to the Pancakes

Pancakes are very sweet, however, they are known to be so fatty and may cause weight increase. Baking the pancakes with the seeds will help to enjoy as much more pancakes as you want without getting the risk of suffering from heavy weight.

Peanut Butter Made of Chia

The homemade peanut butter with chia seeds is very delicious. For a softer butter, be sure to crush the seeds into a powdery substance. Add the powder to the peanut butter to make the paste smooth. The peanut butter can be eaten alone or smeared into other food like bread. This is a very nutritious peanut butter with fewer side effects.

Add the Seeds into the Popcorns

You can make your popcorns tastier by adding the chia seeds. Just a tablespoon of chia seeds added to the popcorns will make a big difference. Add some butter to the popcorns to trap the seeds together with the popcorns.

There are so many ways in which you can eat the chia seeds. The seeds are also very beneficial and can be added to any kind of food. It has fewer side effects and thus advisable to eat.

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